Thursday, January 24, 2013

How precious is your data?

Hard drives retain your data, this could be special memories from photo's you have taken, to music or spreadsheets and other needed documents. All this data is in one spot, this one spot doesn't protect your data. There is two forms of backups, onsite by external hard drive and offsite (online) backups. The first methods is generally the cheapest since it is a one time cost versus offsite which coould be a monthly charge. Both solutions offer great advantages, the onsite solution offers the ability to recover data more quickly vs offsite. Onsite if there is a power surge it may take out the external hard drive if on a power source versus offsite where it's usually retained on server with it's own backups for redundancy.
Don't question the need for the backup solution till it's to late, if the computer hard drive that has the data you need on it, has died or has hardware issues- it is harder to get the data back without data recovery, this gets expensive fast! Questions about what solution is best for you? Contact us to find out more.

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