Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are computer tune ups neccessary?

People ask me this question all the time, the answer is simple, yes.
Computers can get bogged down with spam, malware, viruses and more. There are also other non desctructive tracing programs that monitor what you do and what sites you go to that need to be removed. On top of all this the system maybe performing with issues that you might not know about, that may... cause issues further in it's lifetime. Issues such as hardware related, examples include hard drive failures, memory issues, video card issues, or it might be software based like the operating system has issues, or a certain program is causing blue screens. Think of a PC tune up as getting your car maintenanced or seeing your doctor on a regular basis. If these aren't done, than your life span or your cars life span might be at jeopardy. If you have never had a system tune up on your computer than it is time to give MCS Computer Service a call.

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